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Istanbul Conference on Islamic Charities


Books and Chapters in English
• Latief, Hilman. “The Politics of Humanitarianism-based Welfare in Post Disaster Aceh,” in Wawan Mas’udi and Cornelis Lay (eds.), The Politics of Welfare: Contested Welfare Regimes in Indonesia (Jakarta and Oslo: Yayasan Obor Indonesia in cooperation with PolGov Fisipol UGM and University of Oslo, 2018), pp. 199-220. ISBN: 9786024337073
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• Latief, Hilman. (with R. Alpha Amirrachman) “Islamic Philanthropy and the Rights to Education: Modalities of Education Provision for Underprivileged Groups in Post-New Order Indonesia” in Khun Eng Kuah, Jason Eng Thye Tan (eds.), Educating Marginalized Communities in East and Southeast Asia: State, civil society and NGO partnerships (London and New York: Routledge, 2017), pp. 37-52. ISBN: 9781138673380
• Latief, Hilman. (Editor), “Rediscovering Peace: Religion, Culture and Politics in the Age of Crisis, (Yogyakarta and Kuala Lumpur: LP3M UMY and Perdana Global Peace Foundation/PGPF-Malaysia, 2016).
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Articles (Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal) in English
• Latief, Hilman. Contextualizing Tradition or Maintaining Orthodoxy: The Production of Fatwas on Philanthropy in Indonesian Islam”, forthcoming.
• Zainuddin, Mahli & Latief, Hilman. “The ‘Malay’ Ethnic Construction in Malaysia: The Experience of Kerinci Migrants”, TRaNS: Trans-Regional and National Studies of Southeast Asia, Published by Cambridge University Press (Accepted 2020). (Scopus Indexed).
• Latief, Hilman (with Haedar Nashir). Local Dynamics and Global Engagements of The Islamic Modernist Movement in Indonesia: The Case of Muhammadiyah, Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, Vol 39(2) (2020), 290-309. Published by German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Hamburg.
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Book Review
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Books and Chapters in Bahasa Indonesia
• Latief, Hilman (ed.). Genealogi Pemikiran dan Gerakan Ekonomi Islam di Indonesia (Yogyakarta: IBPustaka & Asosiasi Dosen Ekonomi Syariah, 2020).
• Latief, Hilman. Fatwa-fatwa Filantropi Islam di Indonesia: Atonasi, Komparasi dan Kompilasi (Yogyakarta: UMY Press, 2019). ISBN 978-623-9018-948
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• Latief, Hilman. Politik Filantropi Islam di Indonesia: Negara, Pasar, dan Masyarakat Sipil (The Politics of Islamic Philanthropy in Indonesia: the State, Market and Civil Society) (Yogyakarta: Ombak, 2013). ISBN 978-602-258-067-6.
• Latief, Hilman. Melayani Umat: Filantropi Islam dan Ideologi Kesejahteraan Kaum Modernis (Serving the Community: Islamic Philanthropy and Welfare-Ideology of the Modernists) (Jakarta: Gramedia, 2010). ISBN: 978-979-22-5990-2.
• Latief, Hilman. “Syafii Maarif dan Pengarusutamaan Islam Moderat di Indonesia” (Syafii Maarif and the Moderation of Indonesian Islam) dalam Raja Ahmad Suwaedy dan Juli Antoni (eds.) Para Pembaharu: Pemikiran dan Gerakan Islam di Asia Tenggara (The Muslim Reformers: The Islamic Thought and Movement in Southeast Asia) (Jakarta and Bangkok: Seams for Freedom and Enlightenment & the Wahid Institute, 2009).
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Articles (Journals) in Bahasa Indonesia
• Latief, Hilman. (with Syarif As’ad & Miftakhul Khasanah). “Fleksibilitas Pemaknaan Wakaf Tunai di Indonesia: Studi terhadap Lembaga Filantropi dan Lembaga Keuangan,” Vol 11, No 1 (2015): Januari – Juni 2015, pp. 66-95.
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• Latief, Hilman. “Kemiskinan dan Perkembangan Konsep Kesejahteraan: Studi tentang Gerakan Filantropi di Muhammadiyah,” (Poverty and the Development of the Concept of Welfare: A Study of the Philanthropic Movement of the Muhammadiyah) Ijtihad: Jurnal Wacana Hukum Islam dan Kemanusiaan (STAIN Surakarta), Vol. 7, No. 1 (June 2007), pp. 57-88. ISSN: 1411-9544.
• Latief, Hilman. “Kemandirian, Solidaritas Sosial dan Kerelawanan: Pemaknaan Filantropi dalam Masyarakat Minoritas Muslim, Kasus Australia dan Singapora” (Independency, Social Solidarity and Voluntarism: Philanthropic Activism among Muslim Minority in Australia and Singapore) Al-Wasathiyyah, International Center for Islam and Pluralism/ICIP Volume 2 Number 9 (2007).
• Latief, Hilman. “Kemiskinan dan Kedermawanan: Memaknai Ideologi Kesejahteraan” (Poverty and Charity: A Redefinition of Welfare Ideology), Maarif, Vol. 2 No 1 (January 2007), pp. 142-158.
• Latief, Hilman. “Memaknai Kembali Pelayan Sosial Muhammadiyah (Muhammadiyah’s Social Service: A Reconsideration), Maarif, Vol. 2 No 3 (Marc 2007), pp. 32-38.
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• Latief, Hilman. “Sampai Kapankah Muhammadiyah Bisa Bertahan: Beberapa Catatan dan Refleksi tentang Pembaharuan Muhammadiyah” (Notes and Reflections on Muhammadiyah’s Socio-Religious Reforms), Inovasi, No. 4 TH. XIV / 2005. ISSN 0215-7160, pp. 88-96.
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• Latief, Hilman. “Agama dan Identitas Ras: Refleksi Teologis Malcolm X dan Martin Luther King Jr. tentang Tuhan dan Manusia,” (Religion and Racial Identity: Theological Reflection of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. on God and Human Beings), Relief (Universitas Gadjah Mada) No 1, January 2003. pp. 83-108. ISSN 1673-203X.
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• Latief, Hilman. “Kontribusi Teoretik Strukturalisme Linguistik dalam Wacana Hermeneutika Al-Quran” (Theoretical Contribution of the Linguistics Structuralism in the Discourse of Quranic Hermeneutics) Mukaddimah (Kopertais DIY) No. 10. VII 2001, pp. 53-69. ISSN 0853-6759.
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• Latief, Hilman. “Pergeseran Gagasan ‘Islam Kultural’ di Indonesia: Mencari Arah Baru Tradisionalisasi, Purifikasi dan Modernisasi“(The Shift of ‘Cultural Islam’ in Indonesia: Searching for a New Direction of Traditionalization, Purification, and Modernization), Perspektif, No. 2/ III/2001.
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